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You may become a Moonstone Member one of two ways:


1.     Sign up for The Carasoul Way

2.     Sign up for Meditated Mondays Annual Membership

*The portal is available to annual members only.


It includes access to a library of meditations (added to weekly), videos, and other resources to support your self-discovery.


Members also enjoy special pricing on all events as well as access to our weekly live meditations.

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This course is for the curious soul, seeking inspiration and personal growth and healing in their lives. Over the course of 6 modules, we dive into topics such as manifestation, shadow work, creativity, chakras/energy, and so much more. It includes access to our portal, filled with video lessons, downloadable workbooks and meditations, as well as access to our private Facebook group where you may choose to tune into our weekly call. Ask questions, meet like-minded women and get more in-depth and ever-evolving insight to the course material.


If you are new to personal growth, healing and/or spirituality, or if you feel like you are stuck on the hamster wheel of life, then join us for a much more enjoyable experience and #ridethecarasoul.


*Signing up for this course gives you access to all resources and discounts on all offerings for 1 year.*



On a whim and a feeling, I signed up to try my first Mediative Mondays, and haven't missed a week! Since adding this ritual to my week, there has been such a shift in my life because of Jen and Ellie.  

The energy exchange, clarity and time to slow down allows me to tackle the rest of my week. I am happy to be on this spiritual journey with these ladies and so grateful for the connection and energy they put into this community - they are such pure hearts with a genuine purpose. It has been personally life changing for me!


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