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From weekly meditations, to free, ninety-minute workshops, to week-long virtual and in-person retreats, Moonstone Collective brings our community profound wisdom, tools and practices from inspiring leaders in the wellness industry.


Expand your consciousness through beautifully executed experiences.

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Meditated  Mondays

Meditated  Mondays

Do you crave community and accountability in your meditation journey? Join us every Monday evening, as we explore the many styles and techniques of meditation. Find what techniques resonate for you, and practice alongside like-minded souls who bring collective calm to this sacred container each week.


Want to try it out before you commit? Drop-ins also available. Email to register.


*This membership is available monthly or annually, with bonus access to our meditation portal for annual members.*

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Virtual  Ritual

V I R T U A L . R I T U A L

vir·tu·al  rit·u·al

/ˈvərCH(o͞o)əl /ˈriCH(o͞o)əl/

Inspired by the practices we've adapted into our own wellness routines, our Virtual Rituals were created to help bring self-love tips, tools and practices to one's lifestyle to promote self-improvement and well-being and to connect with others in times where we may feel isolated or alone in our healing journeys.


The meaning of the words also inspired us in their origins - "Virtual" stems from the word "virtue," meaning "a quality that is morally good or desirable," and "ritual," which describes a series of actions performed in a ceremonious manner. A SELF-CAREmony if you will.


With these free workshops, we bring you the experts and visionaries that have inspired us to create positive change across a range of wellness topics. You can access these workshops (as well as replays) inside our Facebook community. Our hope is to keep our community of like-souled individuals coming together to inspire one another from the comfort of our homes.



On this glorious family day weekend, I had the pleasure of attending my very first wellness retreat. The ladies of Moonstone Collective, Jen and Ellie, did a magnificent job in creating a safe space where they shared and made themselves vulnerable, which encouraged us to do the same. We laughed and we cried but more importantly we left the retreat a little stronger, a little lighter and a little more inspired. I am excitedly waiting for news of the next retreat. Thank you Moonstone Collective for a magical experience!


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E L L I P S I S . R E T R E A T S



Inspired by the infamous grammatical series of three dots (and our matching tattoos...), our Ellipsis Retreats were created to help bring a pause to one’s hectic life. We often fail to do so for fear that we are wasting precious time. However, if we don’t turn inward and become aware of what the body needs, what kind of life are we leading? It also represents that there is more to come, while reminding us to appreciate the journey, the growth, the evolving and the desire to transform, rather than the destination. The three dots also symbolize the body, mind and soul, and our consistent quest towards enlightenment.


We understand it is not always feasible to attend an in-person event. Therefore, we are committed to offering one free space to a deserving member of our community per in-person event. If you are feeling a strong call to attend, but do not have the means, please send us a letter explaining your situation and how you feel you would benefit from this gift.

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Soul Circle

S O U L . C I R C L E

soul cir·cle

/sōl/ /ˈsərk(ə)l/

We are all social beings. In order to thrive, we need to feel deeply connected to others. In isolation we wane, but in community, we experience a deep sense of belonging and joy. We seek that soul-to-soul connection that allows us to be seen and heard – the most common denominator and desire in the human experience.


When we co-create communities that open us up, allow us to express ourselves, and to serve one another, our lives fill up with purpose and we feel the rewards of generosity and sharing. Belonging to a sacred group opens the door for us to share our truest selves and gifts, and to be courageously vulnerable.


Connection is essential for our overall wellbeing – impacting our brains, cardiovascular systems and so much more. While we don’t deny the impact and convenience of virtual events, there is nothing quite like sacred, in-person gatherings. We aspire to revive the healing nature of the women’s circle, and the potential these gatherings have to raise the vibration of the collective.



At Moonstone Collective, we know first-hand the healing effects of connection, and we are happy to share this intimate, monthly offering to those living in the GTA. Whether paired with a healing sound bath, or meditation, each month’s circle will hold a different theme that encourages introspection, evolution, connection, support and healing.

Planning a retreat or event of your own? Perhaps you are looking to bring in a guest facilitator or add an element of peace or transformation to your gathering. Whether planning a corporate, or wellness retreat, or throwing a bridal/baby shower or birthday party, we can help curate a beautiful experience for you and your guests.


Jennifer is well-versed in facilitating meditation, yin yoga, yoga nidra (sleep yoga), reiki, and leading women’s circles. She also has a passion for art and creativity and can tailor your experience to meet your needs and intentions.

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