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This is the beginning of the journey to your soul.
welcome home...

Our Mission

To awaken women to the calling of their soul, by way of experiential events, and transformational journeys that are rooted in self-discovery, wellness, holistic practices, and connection.


We aspire to revive the healing nature of the women’s circle, and the potential these gatherings have to raise the vibration of the collective.

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From ninety-minute workshops

to week-long retreats, Moonstone Collective aims to bring our community profound wisdom, tools and practices from the best of the wellness industry, through beautifully curated experiences.

The Moonstone Collective Portal

is an online membership community

that holds sacred space in a more intimate setting, by way of courses,

to support the journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation.



I was one who attended your first retreat and wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience. You created a beautiful serene safe space where emotions flowed freely throughout the guided meditation, yoga and conversation throughout the day. Being with souls who journey towards spirituality through strength and optimism was an experience I enjoyed because of you, Jen and Ellie, and I am grateful to have experienced that with you. I look forward to your next retreat on your journey of making your dream idea into a reality.


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